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Map 1: Architecture

The Architecture Map will force you to roll up your sleeves and be specific about what is required for you to be successful. The goal is not to limit your thinking to one project or initiative, but to set up a repeatable, scalable process to transform multiple applications over time.

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Map 2: Applications

There are so many flavors of applications, it’s a little like making sense of the ice cream options at Baskin-Robbins. The important thing to do is identify what the different applications have in common and then define what makes them unique. This will help you set priorities about what to do and how to do it.

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Map 3: Scalability

There are three key components of scalability. First, does your infrastructure scale reliably and securely? Second, is your Kuberentes environment set-up correctly so it is self-scaling? Third, how do applications behave when scaling demands increase - do they collapse or continuously run without issue.

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Map 4: Storage & Backup

Data is like gold to an organization. It’s precious and needs to be protected. The best way to guard these valuables nuggets is to map exactly where they reside and create a comprehensive backup plan.

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Map 5: CI/CD 

It’s important to understand all the tools you currently use and then document the code review process. Kubernetes can seem to be complex at first. But with a clear set of hand-offs, code review times can often be cut in half.

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Map 6: Disaster Recovery

You should know how long a failover event takes. Are Etcd backups taken? If so, where are they stored. Is the entire process documented in checklist format? What is expected to happen based on existing SLAs? What are the associated costs?

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Map 7: Monitoring 

You need to make sure you are using the right tools for visualization, tracing and alerting. This may be different between Production, Development,QA and Etcd. In each case, you need to monitor what is going on to identify any root causes of failure.

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Map 8: Security 

When you map out what currently happens, you will undoubtedly find opportunities to enhance security, particularly how secrets, data clusters, and authentication and authorization are handled. Now is the time to implement the changes you’ve envisioned for a long time because Kubernetes is designed for high security.

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