How do you evaluate emerging technology?

Jul 08, 2022

How do you evaluate emerging technology?

I asked an IT leader how they evaluate emerging technology for use within their organization. The response was interesting.

  • The internet – Google, Reddit, LinkedIn
  • Direct with an independent software vendor
  • Referrals from colleagues or friends
  • Gartner
  • Trial and error before buying

Overwhelmingly internal research using the internet was the preferred method, but it is also met with a significant amount pessimism. There is a lot of information out there and some of it is good and some of it is lacking honesty. The internet has become an advertising playground for whatever you want to market to customers. You are in the algorithm and it is not letting go until you tell it to stop.

Not mentioned?

Current specialized integrators/providers working day to day with their team.

ISV’s have partnerships with resellers and integrators to assist with the marketing of solutions. Generally that means they have specific domain knowledge related that ISV’s offerings. This works particularly well with mainstream datacenter technologies (servers, networks, storage, datacenter related items) because these resellers and integrators have existing relationships with the brands that compete or compliment what you are buying.

Then there is software. Software is still a boutique marketplace that is attempting to consolidate with little ease. We have speciality integrators for Salesforce, Microsoft, Workday, SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc. The reason this ecosystem exists is due to the specialized user facing applications and tools. They provide a platform of proprietary tools that benefit from a specialized vendor.

The software that runs the modern datacenter lacks that level of partner specialization. Most of the software offerings are built on open source. Where you choose to buy from matters more than ever. Can you consolidate all of your purchasing through a high volume national reseller? Of course you can. Does that provide your organization the boutique experience that comes with knowledgeable solution engineers focused on those specific technologies? This is the question that needs to be presented to procurement.

You cannot take advantage of unique pilot programs, specialized discounts, and post sales engagement and adoption when you go to the Walmart of IT supplies. You might as well make all your decisions on the internet…oops…sorry…too soon? Are you currently staring at this image while contemplating the platform of the future:

How CNCF Enables Crowdsourced Ecosystem Map with Netlify Deploy Previews
This is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Landscape. Seems simple.

More than ever…trust a specialized integrator to guide you through this next phase of transformation. Buy the simple things through your favorite national brand. Trust a specialized integrator to keep ISV’s honest and earn your trust in the process.