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Assess Your Kubernetes Environment Health

A step-by-step guide to help you create 8 maps of your environment that will produce a Risk x Effort matrix.

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Optimize Your Kubernetes Environment

Get technical guidance and on-going coaching through Office Hours to integrate your environment.

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Ensure Your Kubernetes

Health & Security

Learn how DoD architectures can protect cluster health and continuously secure your environment.

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How To Get Started

Health Assessment

Get a concrete understanding of what to do to set up your current environment for Kubernetes success. A must-take foundational course to avoid the mistakes others made.

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How To Automate

Optimize Operations

Smart operations deployment will squeeze every possible ounce out of Kubernetes performance. This course is critical to build a solid scalable, reliable (and secure!) environment.  From there, anything is possible. 

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How To Achieve Zero Trust

Health & Security

Clusters are fragile and can easily break. Learn how to monitor and observe your environment to ensure you meet security requirements and protect the most valuable asset of your organization. Your Data. 

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